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1 coach profile
Add an unlimited number of clients
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Up to 10 coach profiles
Add an unlimited number of clients
Customize with your logo and business name

How does Nurish by Design work?
Nurish allows you to create custom meal plans for your clients - but it doesn't stop there. You can manage, message and track their results all on one platform
Why is Nurish by Design better than the competition?
It's simple - with Nurish, you can make meal plans quicker. Our Auto Generate feature can create custom meal plans for your clients in seconds and always works around their allergies and food dislikes
Does Nurish by Design use pre-made meal templates?
No - we believe that you and your clients deserve better. Our meal plans are generated in real-time specifically to support your clients goals
What is the difference between Manual and Auto Generated meal plans?
Using the Manual function allows you to build a meal plan from the ground up, while Auto Generate will take into account all information about your client and generate them a meal plan with the click of a button
How many clients can I add to my profile?
Unlimited! We do not feel that we should cash in on your success. Nurish is one standard monthly fee whether you have 10 clients or 200
Can I add my own recipes or foods?
Yes - if you have a favourite food or recipe that is not in our database, you can easily add your own in seconds
Can I clone one meal plan for a second client?
Yes - if you have a favourite meal plan, you can easily clone the plan for another of your clients
How will this grow my personal training business?

This will happen in two ways: first, providing your clients with nutrition plans will create an additional revenue stream for your business.Secondly, as a personal trainer, you only have control over your clients results when you are face to face. This leaves you vulnerable, as the client can choose to self-sabotage their results by making poor nutritional choices. Nurish users retain more clients because they have greater control over their clients actions.


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