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Success Stories

Success Stories

Before being introduced to Nurish by Design, I spent countless hours preparing and adjusting client’s diet/nutrition programs.

I used to use excel sheets and had to manually calculate the calorie and macronutrient requirements for each client. As requirements and food preferences continually changed for each client, I found myself spending most of my time adjusting meal plans. It got to the point where I was hesitant to take on new clients. This is when I began looking for software that could save me time without taking away the personal touch I required.

I tested a few products, but there was always something missing. That was until I was introduced to Nurish. One of the biggest competitive advantages I found with this program is the ability to add my own foods and recipes right into the database.

I have been able to rapidly expand my business as I am able to save time and serve many more clients while continuing to get them great results!

Jamie MacDonald, PTS, CPR, PN1, BBA
Owner & Head Trainer
Jamie Mac Fitness

I teach my Athletes the balanced protocol of flexible dieting, but having a platform like Nurish by Design in my tool belt has helped every one of my Athletes, no matter their level of nutrition understanding.

Nurish by Design has helped my Athletes feel more confident and more in control with their nutrition success. This platform has saved me a lot of time from creating new plans for Athletes, and allows them to understand how to create their own meals to align with their needs and goals.

Courtney Ustrzycki
Nutrition, Strength & Fitness Confidence Coach


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