Meal Planning Made Simple

How It All Started

An Answer For All Fitness Trainers

In early 2015, we were two personal trainers putting in 10 hour days. Although we loved the work, we grew tired of our incomes being capped by the amount of hours we could spend with our clients. We also noticed a second problem – no matter how hard we pushed our clients during training sessions, a percentage of them would choose to go home and self-sabotage their results by making poor nutritional choices. Unfortunately, when the results do not come, the trainer is the first thing to go. We quickly discovered that by offering nutrition plans, we created a secondary revenue stream for our business while maintaining more clients. Meal plans allowed us to limit a client’s poor nutrition choices, which yielded better results. Better results meant clients re-signing for more personal training sessions!

Nurish by Design

Created Out of a Need for Better Meal Planning Software

No meal planning products on the market met the standards we had for our clients. We refused to use pre-made templates and didn’t have the time to spend hours creating plans. Thus, Nurish by Design was born. We built this platform for ourselves, but after the amazing results we received, we felt this product could help trainers across the country do the same. As fitness professionals, we are the first line of defense when it comes to obesity and disease, and we feel trainers should have the ability to create a flourishing business while not spending every waking minute at the gym to do so.

Shaun Frey


Make More Money, Keep More Clients

and grow your business faster

"Not only did I double my earnings in 8 months, my clients were getting better results, which led to more renewals and referrals."

I spent several years following my passion of personal training, with a love for helping people take care of their bodies and reach goals they never thought were attainable. However, I quickly realized that for a long term business, I was capped on how much income I could generate based on how many hours I was in the gym. With a background in business and entrepreneurship, I realized I needed to create a new revenue stream that would also benefit my clients.

Through conversation, I realized many of my clients were interested in how nutrition could help them achieve their fitness goals. In fact, many were already paying someone else for meal plans. I determined that I needed to set myself apart from my competition and offer nutritional services in combination with personal training.

I tried every meal planning software on the market, but they were either missing features or took too much time to create a truly customized plan. Nurish by Design was created out of the need for a better program – one that was user friendly and saved me time, all while producing high quality meal plans. We built Nurish from the ground up solely with fitness professionals in mind.

Not only did I double my earnings in 8 months, my clients were getting better results, which led to more renewals and referrals. Nurish took my personal training career to the next level – and we want to provide the opportunity for you to do the same.


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