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Fast & Convenient Meal Planning Software

Helping Fitness Trainers Save Time & Make More Money

You want to provide the most effective meal planning services to each of your clients, allowing them to reach their goals faster. If you want to do that in as little time as possible, you must take advantage of comprehensive meal planning software. Investing in the best software will free you from the limitations of generic meal plans while allowing you to work smarter rather than harder. This is where Nurish by Design comes into play. We offer a professional online meal planner that is easy to use. You want to make healthy eating simple for your clients, and that starts by simplifying the process of creating customized meal plans.


Manage Your Clients on One Program

No more emails or text messages – Nurish allows you to communicate with your clients in real time. Send meal plans, messages, and receive check-ins all on one platform.

Customize Plans to Each Unique Client

Say goodbye to pre-made, generic meal plans. With Nurish, you have the ability to generate fully customized meal plans in seconds – never giving your client foods they are allergic to or dislike.

Help Your Clients with Shopping Lists

Each plan includes a shopping list, making each trip to the grocery store that much easier.

Healthy Recipe Database

Choose from hundreds of healthy recipes to service your clients. Have your own? Easily add it to your dashboard to share with all of your clients

Progress Tracking

The Nurish tracker allows your clients to log their weight and progress pictures for you to easily view.

Time is Money, Enjoy More of Both

Our smart technology allows you to provide premium meal plans in less time. Make more money. Free up more time. Take on more clients.

Easy to Use Meal Planner

Aiding Fitness Trainers Everywhere

Our meal planner software allows you to quickly generate effective and precise meal plans that cater to the unique nutritional needs of each client. You can even communicate with your clients directly through the online program. Do you demand even more from your meal planner? Nurish by Design will allow your customers to use the software as a progress tracking tool. They can upload progress pictures and record their weight, motivating themselves to keep following the plan. You can also use this information to adjust each client's customized plan as needed.

Fast & Easy Meal Planning On The Go

Update and Engage Clients Anywhere You Are

Our online meal planner was designed with efficiency in mind. We know that personal trainers, nutritionists and other health and wellness professionals spend a lot of time customizing meal plans for their clients. Your path to success involves serving more clients over a long period of time. Our trustworthy meal planning software allows you to continue growing while managing the time spent planning meals for clients. We also designed our easy to use meal planner to do more than just customize plans. Our system serves as a client portal that helps you keep each client on track to better health.